Married for 1 Month

A lot has happened in my life recently most notable was of course becoming Mrs W and sharing an amazing honeymoon with himself after the wedding!!

Now 1 month has passed, the dust is beginning to settle, the flowers have wilted but the memories we have I will cherish forever!

However having spent 13 months planning our wedding, scrimping and saving and micro managing every single detail I now find myself with a little spare time in my busy mind and also a burning desire to get the other stuff out of my mind!

I’m not sure exactly when I got the idea to start a blog but having discussed with Mr W a while ago ways of trying to declutter my brain which was at bursting point I came up with the idea of creating an electronic diary as it were!

I set to thinking of a name which wasn’t too hard given I’m positively tiny and my favourite jewellery being pearls! Next came the hard part actually creating the blog!

Now I’m a procrastinator at the best of times, (in fact I had considered the name procrastinating petite but eventually decided against it), I will think long and hard about what I need to do, then think some more, maybe even write it down on never ending lists in fine details, but then find anything else that needs to be done until the absolute last moment! This can work fine in the day job as sometimes a looming deadline can really focus the mind – however not so good at starting a blog.

I’d noticed that a few of the lovely ladies I follow on Instagram had started up blogs and decided I had nothing to lose!

So about 4 months after the initial idea and some planning while away on honeymoon over the odd gin fizz or 6 I did it, 1 random night while working late I set myself up!

So here we are, my own blog, my first post, a list of things I can’t wait to share with you and a slight sense of achievement that I even figured how to do this!! Go me!!

I do hope you all enjoy what I hope will be an entertaining and lighthearted view into ramblings of my slightly mad mind!

Catch you all soon, best go & get our dinner cooked!

Love Jess – Petite in Pearls


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