So here’s the bit about me……..

I’m a mid 30’s newlywed with a head full of stuff and so I decided I needed somewhere to share it all.

Starting a blog is something I had been considering for a while but to be honest I didn’t have a clue where to start – so cue some spare time on honeymoon et voila – Petite in Pearls was born.

By day I am in the legal profession (please dear god dont’t let this be forever), the rest of the time I’m  generaly obsessed with anything homey, foodie, gin-ie (is that even a saying), gardeny, makeupy – well you get the idea.

Having found my true love only a few years ago its been a whirlwind time moving in together, doing up our repo home, getting engaged, getting married, going on honeymoon and all the eventualities that goes with.

As a new wife with a bit more time now the wedding is done I have decided to share some of my experiences with you – from wedding planning, to my favourite foods and drinks, beauty finds, places, hobbies, learning how to be a wife  – basically a little insight into my totally normal life and my hectic mind.

Also being a mere 5ft and 1/2 inch (yes that 1/2 inch really does matter) with ridiculously small feet, size 2.5 (EU 35) I hope to share some of my petite style finds.

I hope you enjoy.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by – Jessica x


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